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Typical Dishes from Macon

The snail is, naturally, a symbol of the Macon region. You find it everywhere: fossilized in the rocks, carved on the capitals of the roman masterpieces, or as snail-shaped chocolates for your dessert.

Prepared in the traditional way, it will be suggested to you as a first course, or you will find it in more sophisticated meals. You may also enjoy l’andouillette mâconnaise, la salade bressane, les grattons, les oeufs en meurette.



The Mâconnais area , with its numerous rivers, offers a big variety of fishes (carp, tench, pike, perch, eel, trout…) The inhabitants cook them in several manners :”en meurette”, “à la morvandelle”, à la bourguignonne” et “à la mâconnaise ». Fried small fish are among the most famous dishes of the Saône valley.


Meat and poultry:

The Burgundy region produces high quality poultry bred in most natural conditions. The Bresse poultry is the only one in the world to have a guaranteed vintage. The Charolais beef is a very tender meat, of a brilliant dark red. The Charolais mutton, scarcelly less famous is also of a high quality.



The Saône et Loire department is the first producer of farm goat cheese in Burgundy ; Prepared with uncooked milk , the mâconnais goat cheese (as for the wine) gets its particular flavours from the rich soil of the area. Try these small goat cheese called « boutons de culotte ».



The « gaufrettes mâconnaises » are made only in the city of Mâcon. These rolled cracking wafers have a slight caramel and vanilla aroma. They are one of the most appreciated mâconnais desserts since a couple of centuries. The « Bouchon mâconnais » (chocolate and liquor – marc de Bourgogne) and also « l’Idéal mâconnais » (almonds meringue and butter cream) will charm your delicate taste.

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